Bam Bam
Hi My name is Bam Bam,  Yes, I'm a Pit Bull, but look into my eyes and you'll see there's not an ounce of anything but love.

Apparently someone didn't feel that way, they strung me up and beat me with a bat (or something really hard) breaking both my legs, then dumping me in the street to try and survive like that.

Luckily someone caring found me, and told Denice about me.   S.M.A.R.T. took me from the Shakopee pound and got me scheduled to get looked at..  I went through many Doctors Appointments,3 operations and 27 weeks kennel rest with only potty walks. I Had to be carried the first 8 weeks before I was able to really be myself again running and playing.   
Not one of my most awesome moments, but lucky I was asleep at this point.  
The Surgeons had to actually disconnect my lower legs just to get in and clean out all the scar tissue that had built up since my "accident".   I'm very happy they didn't lose any parts :)
This x-ray says I have an Avulsion fracture. That's where a piece of boney tissue ( the tibia crest) has pulled away from the main bone by the action of a tendon.  Yeah it hurts a lot.
That's just the one leg, my other leg on the bottom has  fractures as well to the Tibia...  And to think I'm such a happy boy I've trying to run and play like this.
Once they were happy with how it looked in there, they had to put my legs back together Luckly they didn't lose any parts  :D
Look at all that hardware in there!  I had to stay calm and still for many weeks which is really hard for a happy bouncy boy like me!

But I'd be able to walk again real soon... 
They say some girls like Scars on a guy...  I don't,  and should have anything really visible once this all heals up.   --------------->
<------  This was my home for many weeks while my bones and stuff healed up.  I got very limited exercise time and therapy to make sure everything healed perfectly.  I'm not sure if that was harder on Denice or me.    
And Finally  I got the All Clear from the Amazing Dr. Ricci and Boy did I Celebrate!!!   
This is a really cool video that one of my many FANS (can you believe I have those??) Made for me as a tribute to all S.M.A.R.T. did for me!