S.M.A.R.T. Feels that no animal should be left behind.  We have taken many animals that were either found broken, or brought into a vet clinicto be Euthanized because fixing this family member wasn't worth the cost.  Here are a few of our Rebabilitation Success Stories:  Click on the specific cat or dog to read their individual story.   : Caution - Many of the pictures on these pages are graphic showing surgical proceedures to fix legs, faces, and internal organs to save a life.   Most of these beautiful creatures have gone on to be adopted and are living healthy, happy lives with their new families.
My name is Hazel.   At first we thought I had a frost bitten tail.  but Doctor Eli thinks it may have gotten caught in something or I was attacked.  I have lots of other cuts and abrasions on my kitty person.

I'm a little wary of people, but I will let people pet me, just not a big hug lover yet.

Click my name below to read and see my story.
Hi my new family calls me GirlFred.  My original Family thought I was a boy and Named me Fred.   One day I had an accident and got thrown off a counter breaking my leg in multiple places.  That family thought it'd be easier to just have my put to sleep. But I showed how sweet I was to the Vet and She called SMART, they fixed up my leg and taught me how to walk, play, and be loved again.

Click my name below to read and see my story.
Hi, I'm Lilly.  I came from a cat hoarding situation.  The people had good intentions, and although we were well fed and warm, I'm one who was not able to maintain good health in that kind of environment.   Click my name below to read and see my story.
I'm Randy, I'm a Senior cat who was dumped on the streets.. Dhen I was brought to SMART I was so starved I barely weighed  5lbs and he had a large tumor on my  cheek.My family failed me but SMART didn't. I went into surgery to Fight for my life. Click my name below to read and see my story.
My friends call me Bam Bam, I was abandoned by someone after they broke both my back legs and left me to defend myself.