Fostering with SMART
What are my responsibilities as a Foster?
Everything you need to care for your foster(s) will be provided to you by SMART.  This includes items like a Crate, food bowl, water bowl, bedding, etc.  On rare occasion your foster may need medication, this too will be provided by SMART.   The biggest responsibilities you have are, basic training things like house training, crate training and positive socialization, both with people; and if you have your own pets, them as well when applicable.  Most of all, teach your foster what it feels like to be loved.

The more of these basic skills and positive emotions your foster experiences, the better they will be when they meet that perfect family and go to their forever home.  

SMART will pay for you to take your foster to basic training classes.   These classes will help socialize your dog, and give them the skills for a positive experience, both with you and once they find their forever home.  

PLEASE ask questions if there is something you see that concerns you, or something you don't understand.    There are no stupid questions.  And your question could be the difference between a successful adoption or a simple misunderstanding that gets someone returned to SMART.