Second Chance Randy
Our boy who was kicked to the curb as a sr. DECLAWED neutered boy. When Randy came to rescue he was so starved he was barely 5 pds and he had a large tumor on his cheek area. I also believe he was deaf. Humans failed him but smart won't. He is in surgery right now fighting for his life. This is a very extensive surgery and we pray there is enough skin to close him up. The tumor was huge.
This is how I looked when I first got to SMART.  This be Tumor is making my life miserable.
It took a lot of very careful work to figure out where to cut, and what to close so they could remove the tumor without me causing any complications, like bleeding to death.
Once the tumor was safely removed, Doc had to fix my ear all up.
This is me in recovery with my new tumor free face.  
Not all our stories end with Happy endings.  Unfortunately Randy had other complications and died in Denice's arms only a month after this surgery.  But he got to have one month of  love and affection, and he didn't die out in the cold all alone, instead someone stood by with him, and he saw tears of saddness and love as he left this life to run over the Rainbow  Bridge.